Up & over doors

SDS Garage Doors has a large range of up and over doors available comprising different mechanisms and materials.

All of our up and over doors are available with either a canopy (most economical) or a retractable (suitable for electric operation) mechanism.

Matching side doors are also available for some styles of up and over doors.

Up and over doors are available in the following size ranges.

Width - 5’0’’ to 16’0’’
Height - 5’10’’ to 8’0’’

Made-to-measure facility for non-standard sizes.


  • Steel
  • Timber
  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester)

They are designed to provide you with maximum safety and security whilst ensuring years of reliable, trouble free service. Whatever size of garage opening you have, it is certain we‘ll have a beautiful steel door to suit your requirements.

"It was an enjoyable experience working with Martin. His first words to me were "why would you want to change those doors?". Quite risky really, when I had asked him to visit for the express purpose of changing them - but exactly right for me, because I had had the same doubts. "

So together we hatched a plan for keeping them, and now I have a great automatic door which looks as if nothing has changed - just what I wanted, and certainly not the run-of-the-mill installation."
Mr Stubbs, Bath

Up and over garage doors in Bath and Bristol

up and over garage doors in Somerset

Our manufacturers for up and over doors are:

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