Front entrance doors

For a wow factor impact to your home, choose the high quality Hormann steel front entrance door.


Available in two thicknesses (46 mm and 65 mm), a combined choice of 26 striking styles, both contemporary and traditional, and a choice of 16 standard colours and 5 DecoGrain (wood effect) finishes, you should find something that hits the spot.


There are two standard door over frame sizes available:
1000 mm x 2100 mm
1100 mm x 2100 mm


But, if those don’t suit, then you have the option to have a custom-made size and these range from Width 700 mm to 1250 mm x Height 1875 mm to 2250 mm (depending on the style).


The standard size of the side element is:
400 mm x 2100 mm


Custom-made sizes:
Width 300 mm to 1000 mm x Height 1875 mm x 2250 mm


(Please note that an element over 1000 mm wide is not available if a transom light is required)


Transom lights come in custom sizes only:
Width 700 mm to 1250 mm x Height 300 mm to 500 mm


The Thermo65 has the option of being automated and operated with a remote handset.


Both the Thermo46 and Thermo65 have upgraded security available on certain models.  The RC upgrade which complies to BSEN1627 and is the European norm is one option but there are restrictions on the Thermo46 model in that the door can only open inwards and is not able to have side elements or transom lights.  ‘Secured by Design’ which adheres to UK specified standards is available only on the Thermo46 (please be mindful that if you would like side elements with this door, you can, but technically the whole installation can then not be accredited ‘Secured by Design’, however, you will still benefit from the upgraded cylinder lock).


Matching side elements and transom lights are also available with a choice of glazing (please note that you are not able to alter the glazing of the actual doors; the designs are each produced with a particular style of glass).  Side elements wider than 450 mm can come with a mid-rail which can house a letter box (only in the Thermo46 design) – it must be pointed out that most of the Hormann steel doors are not available with letter boxes in the actual door leaf; there are just a few of the more traditional designs that offer this facility.


These doors come as standard with colour-coded frames and interior. You do have the option to have a contrasting frame but the there are 3 door finishes that have the choice of a white interior, these are the DecoGrain Golden Oak, Dark Oak and Titan Metallic.


All doors come with a specific stainless steel handle; you can decide to change this handle at an extra cost.


Doors are ‘opening inwards’ as standard but you can request ‘opening outwards’ with an uplift on costs.

Both the Thermo46 and Thermo65 come with the following features:

  • 5 year guarantee – parts warranty provided by Hormann with our labour warranty running alongside.


  • Door leaf without visible profile – sleek solid interior and exterior steel leaf with internal profile made of composite material with PU rigid foam infill.


  • High thermal insulation – UD values available up to approximately 1.1 W/(m²·K) for the Thermo46 and 0.87 W/(m²·K) for the Thermo65.


  • Break-in-resistant locking – 5-point security locking as standard comprising 2 conical swing bolts engaging with 2 additional security bolts and 1 lock bolt in the frame’s lock plate which pulls the door tightly shut.  Plus, the extra bonus of having 3 hinged bolts positioned centrally. Spy holes are an optional extra on some styles


  • Safe glazing – insulated double or triple glazing (depending on design) with 8 mm thick laminated safety glass on the interior.  In the case of breakage, the glass splinters are bound and stay adhere to the plastic film on the inside; this will also offer better protection against burglars as it makes reaching in through more difficult.


  • Aluminium frames – the Thermo46 has a 60 mm frame and Thermo65 has an 80 mm frame, both have a thermal break but the Thermo65 frame comes with a PU foam infill.


  • Low threshold – both models come with a low 20 mm threshold (please not that between the door leaf and the internal finished floor there is clearance only of around 10 mm (46) and 4 mm (65), so it maybe that we have to provide you with a custom-made cill to ensure adequate internal clearance.


  • Adjustable guide rollers – sturdy 3-way adjustable hinges with safety pins and stainless steel decorative covers assuring a smooth action.


  • Rose escutcheons – interior and exterior stainless steel escutcheons are standard wit the Thermo65 having the option of a security sliding escutcheon making the lock much more difficult to manipulate.


  • Profile cylinder – come with 5 keys as standard (more can be ordered).  These cylinders come with an emergency and hazard function meaning that the door lock can still be operated when there is a key inserted on the inside. A thumbturn is available as an optional extra along with the electric strike/day catch which gives you the option to have the door slam locking or not (this means that you can shut the door behind you and then are able to just push it back open without the necessity of a key).


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